I am Lena and I'm the owner of Lena May Jewellery. I'd long held the dream of one day opening an online jewellery business and I'm proud to say that this is it. I began this journey whilst six months pregnant with a baby boy to join my very active 19 month old son and I guess it must've seemed crazy at the time. To start a business with such a young family was going to be tough but I was determined to achieve my dream and provide quality jewellery at realistic prices while being able to stay at home with my two beautiful boys.

My passion for business and fashion has helped me to achieve my goal of bringing an online jewellery store that was affordable for many customers by keeping the prices well below 50% of other retail stores. With over ten years experience in the Jewellery industry I guarantee that the products I select are of high quality standards.

Lena May Jewellery will present you with a stunning range of jewellery in 9ct gold and sterling silver both in pendants, earrings, bangles/bracelets and a selecting of on-trend fashion jewellery. We have gorgeous natural gemstone jewellery in gold and silver as well as a selection of cubic zirconia, glass, crystal and freshwater pearls. I personally update our range regularly ensuring that you're up to date with the latest fashions from around the world.

Finally, thanks goes to my wonderful partner, family and friends, plus all my loyal and supportive LMJ customers for all the encouragement I've received. I have been overwhelmed at the positive comments and feedback. I appreciate you referring customers to my site and will be forever grateful.

Love Lena x